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Description of goods




Working process


ID  x OD(mm)

is customized made









carbon fiber tube

3k plain woven carbon fiber









wrapped roll

φ7 x φ8

φ8 x φ10

φ10 x φ12

φ11 x φ17

φ12 x φ15

3k twill woven carbon fiber

φ13 x φ16

φ14 x φ16

φ15 x φ17

φ17 x φ19

φ18 x φ20

φ19 x φ22

special woven carbon fiber

φ22.4 x φ25.4

φ27 x φ30

φ28 x φ30

φ29x φ35

UD carbon fiber

φ30 x φ36

φ88 x φ91

φ232 x φ236

φ300 x φ304

\ n 2. Spec .: Der OD reicht von φ2mm bis 500500mm, der längste ist 4500mm. \ n 3. Finish: glänzend / matt / geschliffen. \ n 4. Post-Prozess: Wir können die Rohre gemäß der bereitgestellten Zeichnung schneiden, bohren und bearbeiten. \ n 5. Leistung: 20000pcs / Monat. \ n 6. Anwendung: Bootswelle, Modellflugzeugrohr, Teleskoprohr, Kamerastativ, Stiftrohr, Medizin- und Maschinenteil usw. usw \ n \ n \ n \ n \ n \ n \ n \ n Produktdetails: \ n \ n


Carbon fiber tubes

Place of Origin

Shandong, China (Mainland)

Brand Name


Model Number

Diameter: 0.5mm-800mm


based on the customer request


based on the customer request

Tube Type

Pultrusion; Filament winding; Roll-wrapping


Black or any other colors  

Material Feature



based on the customer request


Glossy, matte


Round,square,oval or other shape,


Carbon fiber, Kevlar, glass fiber


based on the customer request



Special Features

Hight strength, mirror inside can be gun barrel 

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50pcsTrial Order



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\ n \ n Anwendungen für unsere Kohlefaserschläuche \ n
  • Light Aircraft
  • Prototype Aircraft
  • Aerospace
  • Radar and GPS antennas
  • Communication towers
  • Stiffening and reinforcing beams
  • Wind power
  • Autonomous craft
  • Unmanned vehicle capture booms
  • Underwater equipment
  • Telescope housing
  • Large telescope truss tubing
  • High Altitude Craft
  • Robotic arms
  • Transport beams
  • Measurement devices
  • Electronics housing
  • Mining equipment
  • Performance arts and production
  • Oil and Gas down-hole applications
  • Printing rollers and guides
  • Truss Structures
  • Security gates
  • Photography and motion picture
  • Energy generation
  • Manufacturing beams
  • Product distribution
  • Medical equipment
  • Solar Energy
  • Fuel Cell housing
\ n

Skype: zhuww1025 / WhatsApp(Mobile): +86-18610239182


If any of others questions, feel free send to us.

Q: How to order your products?
A: We dont support order online right now, you can contact us via email or telephone, 
told us what you need, we will tell you the price and the shipdate.
Q: What is carbon fiber?
A: Carbon fiber is one of typically new material, 
has light, high strength, wearable, 
and a very low CTE (coefficient of thermal expansion), moreover, carbon fiber does not transfer heat as much as most metals.
 One of the biggest benefits of using composite tubing in general is the ability of the material to resist weather much better than metals, 

because it will not corroded.
Q: What is carbon fiber use for?
A: Carbon fiber was widely used in aviation, space flight, automobile, toy, kite, pens, handicraft, 
tent, windmill, cleaning equipment, umbrella,
 each kind of sports equipment and so on.
 Q: What is the material you used of your products?
A: Raw Material carbon fiber from Toray and Toho in Japan.

\ n \ n

Produktgruppe : Kohlefaserrohr & Stab

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